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Public Policy chairs:  The AAUW Florida 2012-2014 Public Policy Program approved at the state convention is available for you to download and print as a double-sided document that fits on both sides of 8 1/2 by 11 sheet of paper. It is also available in pdf format.

Equity is the legal right of all women and girls.  AAUW frames and fosters factual, in-depth, objective dialogue among legislators and change makers that results in political, institutional and legal support for women’s equity in all areas of life and work.

It is imperative that we call State Representative Eddie Gonzales, 305-364-3066, Chair of the Local and Federal Affairs Committee, and ask him to schedule a hearing HCR 8001, Equal Rights for Men and Women.  This bill ratifies the proposed Equal Rights Amendment to the US Constitution. The bill will not receive a hearing unless a great many people ask him to schedule one during the upcoming legislative session.

Do you receive legislative Action Alerts from the AAUW Action Network? If not go to to sign up.  Do you want to use AAUW’s Two Minute Activist to contact your US Senators or your US Representative?  Go to If you would like to receive AAUW Florida Action Alerts that are sent out as needed during the Florida Legislative session, please email Diane Schrier, State Public Policy Chair and ask to have your name added to the list.  Write AAUW Florida Action Alert in the subject line. Both Action Alerts advise subscribers when an important issue included in our public policy program is about to be heard in a committee or voted upon in a legislative session.  Usually these Alerts ask us to contact our legislators or important committee members to explain why the issue is important to us.  Suggested wording is available or subscribers may compose a message of their own.

Are you looking for the names of the members of the various Florida Senate and House Committees to see who in your districts is on any of them? Peruse the Senate list and the House List.

AAUW’s newest research report  Graduating to a Pay Gap was published in 2012.The Simple Truth About The Gender Pay Gap was also published in 2012, Crossing the Line: Sexual Harassment at School was published in 2011, and Why So Few: Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math was released in 2010.  You can access these and other current AAUW research reports at

Read this interesting report on Human Trafficking written by Mary Palomar of AAUW West Pasco. It’s very eye opening.

Read why the Top Ten Historical Advances for Women’s Lives are now at-risk.

Read the BBC article on Child Abuse in the United States.

Make a contribution to the Public Policy Fund#4337 – This fund includes Government Relations, Civic Engagement, and Field Organizing.

AAUW Florida 2012-2014 Public Policy Program

AAUW Public Policy 2011-2013 Program as adopted June 2011

If you’d like to read or subscribe to Washington Update, here’s the link:

The link to  join AAUW’s Action Network or to read the latest legislative alerts is

In a democracy, it is not only the right but also the obligation of the people to voice their concerns and try to influence policy decisions.  If we don’t make our concerns known, then we have ceded the field to those who will.  AAUW at the national, state and local level has an active public policy program on issues of concern to women, families, the nation, and indeed the world.

We invite you to get your feet wet and contact your elected officials by phone, by email, by fax, and in person.  To help you, we are providing various resources, among which is the contact information for each official.  Because Equity is Still an Issue, it’s important for you to TAKE ACTION!

If you don’t which voting districts you are in look at your Voting Card or contact your county supervisor of elections office.


Did you know that we have volunteer lobbyists working on our behalf in Washington ? Read all about them on the Action Fund page of the AAUW website.

AAUW has written many position papers on issues that include but are not limited to pay equity, health care, charter schools, education and training in welfare, Title IX, and equity in school athletics. These papers may give you some good ideas for branch programs or activities.

State Public Policy Committee

pvs_logo_100x89_blueAAUW FLORIDA does not permit endorsements of candidates in partisan elections.  However, AAUW FLORIDA does permit endorsements of candidates in nonpartisan elections and appointive offices.  AAUW FLORIDA also permits endorsement of issues that follow AAUW FLORIDA priorities and public policy programs.